Greenway Multimedia Group LLC.




Greenway Multimedia Group LLC. specializes in building brand identity to separate your company and services from that of your competition.

The design elements that make up your brand identity must speak on behalf of your entire company and with more and more competition appearing

on the scene it is vital that your design and brand identity stand out from the rest. We do the research and development necessary to gain a complete

understanding of your company, industry or product target audience to archive the best results. We design for success!




How Important is Your Logo? Your Logo is only the foundation of your company's identity, how important can that be? It separates the professional

from the amateur and helps define trust in the mind of the viewer. Our logo designers have a complete understanding of branding and market trends,

but also strive to understand your specific goals and visions when designing your brand image. The end result is a stunning logo that you are not only

happy with but effectively defines your brand image separating it from the competition.


-Our Logo Design Guarantee-


We guarantee your satisfaction! How can we do that? Because if our clients aren't happy we're out of business. We pride ourselves on the business relationships

that we build and we work closely with every client to make sure that what you get is exactly what you want. You can have confidence in Pixel for your logo design

project or any other graphic design or website design project.



Greenway Multimedia Group LLC. is a professional graphic design company with a long standing reputation for providing outstanding results.

Whether it be advertising, brochure design, packaging design, corporate identity development, posters, website design, presentations or anything else that can

be printed, we make sure that you're 100% happy with the results. In order to provide you with an excellent design solution we make sure that you have a

complete understanding of our graphic design process.

SEO CONSULTING (Search Engine Optimization)


We have experts in SEO marketing that will work closely with you to improve your website's rankings on the search engine result pages. We know that every

client has a unique set of marketing challenges that require a customized, individual approach to get the successful results you need. When you consult with one

of our team, you can be sure that your SEO campaign will meet your unique marketing needs. We explain exactly what approach we will take on your marketing

campaign and we will tell you why we choose each method that we use. We will even tell you when you can expect to see results- and it will be sooner than you




Greenway Multimedia Group LLC. Sets Your Corporate Reputation Sky High!


With the expertise of Greenway Multimedia Group's Reputation Management Service you sure can preserve your online reputation, and safeguard yourself from

the pitfalls of the internet. There are some inexperienced companies who have attempted to protect their online reputation, but ended up making it worse. It is

best if you hire professionals, with a thorough understanding of the techniques involved, to provide your Online Reputation Protection. We deploy effective

Search Engine Optimizationtechniques to push down negative comments from the high ranking pages of the search engines and bring your company's website to

the top of the list. We understand that Social Media communities, such as Twitter and Facebook, can also make or break your image. We post clarifications and

comments regarding any damaging information, and work to prevent it from circulating any further. Blogs are another effective medium in raising or lowering

the image of a company. Through audio and video, Greenway Multimedia Group LLC. provides further options for disputing allegations and helping to maintain

a spotless image for your company.


-How Online Reputation Protection Works?


Online Reputation Protection works as a counter action towards content that may be damaging your company's reputation. If you own a website, or an online

company, then it is vital to maintain your reputation, as this helps to safeguard your website against vicious attacks on its good name. The person or company,

which is trying to destroy your image may do it through one of many ways, including:

-Bad Testimonials & Negative Comments on Blogs

-False Product Reviews

-False Allegations

Connecting with Greenway Multimedia Group LLC. is the first step in protecting and safeguarding your image. A damaged online presence can end up causing

you financial loss, as well as ruining your chance to gain future business prospects. A little negative link about your company's site can end up creating doubts in

your customer's minds. Recognizing the importance of your online reputation in regards to your profitability is vital to the health of your company. We

at Greenway Multimedia Group LLC. work to create and maintain a positive image for your company, by carrying out an effective, personalized plan that will

overcome any malicious attacks. Greenway Multimedia Group LLC. provides revolutionary services to keep your online reputation intact, and we will work keep your reputation protected, regardless of an attack, or not.



At Greenway Multimedia Group LLC. we manage and execute social media campaigns that serve the needs of your entire business. We know that entering into social media marketing can be both time consuming and expensive, but we have a great staff of digital media experts and offer a social media management service where we:

-Create and maintain your Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube pages

-We make regular posts, answer questions, and act on your company's behalf for customer service issues

-Manually distribute content to social media networks like stumbleupon, digg, reddit, and many more

-Closely monitor your online reputation and what others are saying about your company on review sites like Yelp

-Post informational marketing videos to post on social video sites and your blog

-Help build a positive online reputation by bringing attention to all the positive media about your company/website

-Focus heavily on obtaining Facebook Likes/Shares, Re-tweets, Buzzes, Stumbles, and Diggs of your social content




Our web design team brings all aspects of graphic design, web development, flash animation and e-commerce development together in a way that allows you to

be confident in the finished product no matter what your project demands. Whether you need a basic site designed to give your business online exposure or a

more complex e-commerce site with database integration, we can provide your business with the most creative web design/development solutions to improve

your company's online visibility while maintaining your company image.